Company profile

Company profile


COM- SAFE. is engaged in the establishment of technical security layouts, survey and consultation services, business intelligence,technical investigations, and professionalization of existing layouts.
COM-SAFE was established with the aim of providing a “total solution” for most of the security and investigation areas, under one roof. The company has a vast, long term experience in operative and technological fields and integrates equipment and systems.
COM-SAFE professional philosophy enables its customers to receive comprehensive service packages, while taking advantage of the “overall view” of the organization's needs.
COM-SAFE exposure to the best technological developments in Israel and around the world, as well as the great knowledge accumulated by its managers, who come from Israeli defense institutions, constitute another important advantage of the company's ability to provide an optimal package of solutions for every organization.
COM-SAFE provides services to companies, economic and business organizations, government institutions, security and safety entities, banks, private investigators, etc., both in Israel and around the world. To this end, the company cooperates actively with each organization's senior officers.


Activities and Services Provided by the Company

* Risk surveys and planning of security layouts
• Evaluation of the ability of existing security systems to provide appropriate  responses to threats/danger.  
• Location and evaluation of security risks.
• Establishment of physical security layouts.
• Information security.
• Personnel - reliability checks, polygraph testing and integrity.
• Technical means - survey and consultation, setup of technical security layouts.
• Defense procedures.
• Recommendations for implementation.
• Work plans for the implementation of recommendations.
• Training of personnel to operate the security layout in the organization.
• Allocation of security officers to the organization during the establishment and control periods.

* PolygraphTests and Investigation