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Risk assessment

Risk Assessments 

ComSafe Ltd. conducts risk, loss and prevention assessments as part of the security package provided to its customers. The service is provided both from the technical-system aspect, and from the aspect of information security and thefts, out of the understanding that information is a highly valuable asset.

Business intelligence and industrial espionage have become an integral tool of the business system of companies. Wrong working processes create breaches that allow thefts and industrial espionage. We at ComSafe Ltd. believe that a considerable part of the risks and thefts can be reduced and even prevented by locating them and establishing an efficient security system that integrates technical measures and skilled manpower.

The assessment process includes field tours, meetings and interviews with people at all levels of the enterprise, observations to study the work processes, inspection of procedures and practical inspections of the systems. In a preliminary meeting held after the first visit, we present to the company the assessment topics and study its problems.

Content of the report:

  • Risk assessment
  • Description and analysis – description of the current situation
  • Presentation of faults and risks
  • Recommendations for performance
  • Work plan for implementation of the recommendations.
  • Short-term or regular accompaniment to implement the work plan
  • Development of procedures (if necessary) and assimilation of the procedures.