COMSAFE was established in 1997 and its goal was to offer a comprehensive solution for technical security needs. The company deals in the establishment of electronic security and protection systems, from the stage of survey and technical security characterization of the site, through the production of plans, performance of the project and ongoing maintenance at the end of the warranty term.

The Company has vast experience and high operational and technical capabilities ensuring seamless integration between equipment, systems, work methods and the human factor.

Due to the professional approach of COMSAFE, our customers receive an advanced technical security solution, that allows to reduce the need for human guards, which involves high expenses, and replace it with technical measures that requireone-time investment that is customized to the specific needs of the customer.

COMSAFE is well updated on the latest technical developments in Israel and worldwide. The expertise and know-how it has accumulated over many years is an import antadvantage, allowing COMSAFE to offer its customers with an optimal and cost-effective solution package. COMSAFE offers its services in Israel and abroad to a widevariety of customers, including  commercial and financial companies and organizational, governmental institutions, industrial, security and defense parties.