Face recognition solution

Based on the understanding that in the modern era, work environments, information, and databases must be securely protected and allow for maximum verification of authorized personnel while safeguarding their privacy and complying with regulatory requirements, there is a need for biometric identification to grant access. Our company installs access control and data verification systems based on Face Recognition technology, ensuring maximum verification of personnel data both in terms of endpoint equipment and the ability to encrypt the information, with real-time alert capabilities for anomalous events.


Alarm systems

COMSAFE plans, installs and maintains alarm systems. Correct design of an efficient and accurate detector system ensures optimal response of the alarm detection system, with no false alarms that compromise the confidence in the system performance.


Video analytics

As part of the video incident management and investigation solution, aimed at detecting and tracking potential suspicious parties, COMSAFE designs and installs perimeter/internal analytics systems to allow efficient, quick and real-time investigation once an indication is received from cameras.


Access control systems

COMSAFE offers a variety of solutions for compartmentalization and access control based on various reading measures – proximity cards, biometric authentication and face recognition. The systems are modular and allow scalability by the customer's needs. A software-based central control system allows reading data from the doors and generating a databased, accordingly.


CCTV systems – digital recording

COMSAFE plans, installs and maintains CCTV systems and digital DVR/NVR recording. As leading integrators in the market, the variety of measures available to us allow us to provide a variety of solutions, from small systems composed of a few cameras, up to large systems with multiple camaras,


Planning and technical characterization

In order to achieve optimal balance between the operational needs of an electronic security system and the related equipment, all other relevant systems need to be professionally characterized. In light of the wide range of options available in the market, we make sure to always stay updated on the latest cutting-edge technologies.


Risk assessments

COMSAFE conducts risk assessments, as well as loss assessment and mitigation, as part of the security package provided to its customers. The service is provided both for the technical aspects and for the information security and theft prevention aspects.


System Integration, Command And Control (C&C) Rooms

In case of an incident, in order to be able to make decisions based on information received from multiple systems in the control room, the indications received from the various systems and easy-to use interfaces must be properly and carefully designed